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Transparency, honesty and humanity. We are a company dedicated to offer real estate management services for common areas in order to create harmony, wellness and growth for each of our clients.

Ideal Condominios


Our solutions take command of everything you need related to management and maintenance.

General management

From managing maintenance fees to applying satisfaction polls. We take care of all the administrative requirements you need for your common areas in a secure, open and solid manner.

Legal and accounting management

We help you coordinate and manage all the procedures, agreements and associations needed to operate with the legal and financial requirements in place.

Precautionary maintenance

We look after the common areas of your property through scheduling, monitoring and execution of all of your cleaning, maintenance and gardening services.

Corrective maintenance

Something went wrong? We make sure to inspect, fix and change all the details needed in your common areas so they can work perfectly.

  • "Thank you very much for providing us the solutions for the improvement of our common areas, I’m very thankful for your commitment"

    Daniela, Condominio Quevedo

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